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lundi 17 juin 2019

dimanche 16 juin 2019

samedi 15 juin 2019

  • Philippines: The Hanjin ‘model' of development
    The tragedy of Hanjin Philippines illustrates the folly of a development model that relies exclusively on a volatile global export market, has no forward or backward linkages with the national and local economies, and relies on incentives and subsidies from the host government. Hanjin Heavy (...)

  • Philippines: Prioritize Hanjin workers' rights
    The downfall of Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction Philippines has resulted in a mad scramble for solutions to revive and rehabilitate what was once the world's 10th largest shipbuilding facility. Efforts have centered on searching for a “white knight” that would rescue the failed (...)

  • Le projet de loi liberticide est suspendu suite aux manifestations, la mobilisation continue
    Document AUDIO accessible sur https://www.franceculture.fr/emissions/affaires-etrangeres/affaires-etrangeres-emission-du-samedi-15-juin-2019 (en cliquant sur cette page du site de France Culture sur le triangle situé avant le titre). Emission de Christine Ockrent diffusée sur France culture sous (...)

  • Malaysia: All taxi, e-hailing drivers to be covered by Social Security
    All 100,000 taxi drivers and e-hailing services driversnationwide are targeted to be covered under Socso from next year. Human Resources Minister M Kula Segaran, said so far only 7,000 or seven percent of all taxi drivers and e-hailing services are making contributions towards Socso through (...)

  • Malaysia: Mahathir has been Dirty, Dangerous and Difficult (3D) with the Workers
    On this year's auspicious May Day, Tun Mahathir made a statement to Malaysia workers. He told them; it is better for them to take a 3D job then remaining jobless. What a profound concern from a Prime Minister who hardly gave a damn about workers. The worst message a worker can get on may day is (...)

  • Economie politique : la crise qui vient
    La crise est certaine mais on ne sait pas quand elle éclatera. Une des questions essentielles qui se posera en cas de déconfiture financière est de savoir si les Etats seront en situation d'en limiter les conséquences. Des processus cumulatifs porteurs d'une croissance ralentie marquent le (...)

  • On Triple Talaq, Patriarchy and Marriage Breakdown Indian Style
    From academic jargon, the word ‘patriarchy' has come a long way in Indian public sphere. But it has a long way to go yet. Contrary to the impression one gets from the popular social media usage these days patriarchy is not simply a system of male-dominance over women. According to bell hooks, (...)

  • Echoes of Pakistan in Indian polls
    Frenzied use of communal card signals the weakening of democracy. It was once common wisdom that India had succeeded in developing a viable form of Westminster-style parliamentary democracy whereas Pakistan had failed. Pakistan has indeed suffered a succession of military governments (...)

  • Trotsky to be expelled from France – archive, 1934
    18 April 1934: “Trotsky had not kept his promise to remain neutral when he was granted the hospitality of France,” said the French minister of the Interior The French Government, at its meeting to-day, decided to expel Trotsky from France. Commenting on this decision, M. Sarraut, the Minister of (...)

  • Geopolitics: The Unipolar Moment is Over
    The Russia-China strategic partnership, consolidated last week in Russia, has thrown U.S. elites into Supreme Paranoia mode, which is holding the whole world hostage. Something extraordinary began with a short walk in St. Petersburg last Friday. After a stroll, they took a boat on the Neva (...)

  • Moyen-Orient: le port de Foujeyra, base arrière du pétrole émirati
    L'émirat où a eu lieu l'attaque contre des navires saoudiens permet d'éviter le détroit d'Ormuz face à la menace iranienne. La grande tour crénelée du vieux fort de Foujeyra offre un panorama à 360 degrés sur cette monarchie méconnue de la péninsule Arabique, membre des Emirats arabes unis (EAU). A (...)

  • Moyen-Orient : L'attaque de pétroliers en mer d'Oman ravive les tensions dans le golfe Persique
    Deux tankers, un japonais et un norvégien, ont été ciblés, un mois après les sabotages au port de Foujeyra. Même lieu, même cible et même accusé. Jeudi 13 juin, un mois et un jour après le sabotage de quatre navires en face de l'émirat de Foujeyra, deux nouveaux pétroliers, l'un japonais et l'autre (...)

  • Inégalités : les premiers de cordée ramassent la mise
    En alpinisme, les premiers de cordée marchent certes devant (ils peuvent le cas échéant se relayer) et tout le monde arrive au sommet. En Macronie et, de façon générale, dans une société capitaliste, les dernierEs restent en bas, même si ils et elles ont porté les paquets des premiers et leur ont permis (...)

  • Malaysia: We Need to Save Our Disappearing Forests
    Many Ipoh folk like me take our hills and forests for granted. We seldom stop to ‘stand and stare', to take in the beauty of these majestic green sentinels that form the natural backdrop to our homes and city. We paid for this nonchalance when during the Chinese New Year break this year, a huge (...)

  • Malaysia: Pakatan Harapan Coalition One Year Performance Self-Inflicted
    When Mahathir was asked how Anwar got his Black eye in 1998, Mahathir said it was self-inflicted by Anwar himself. Now if you asked me how was Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition performance in the last one year. I would say it was self-inflicted. Is there a remedy? Of course there is, as long as (...)

  • Malaysia: Repatriation of Praphan Pipithnamporn to Thailand violates principle prohibiting refoulement
    Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) is deeply concerned over the arrest and repatriation of Praphan Pipithnamporn, a political dissident from Thailand, by the Malaysian Government. We condemn the Malaysian Government for behaving like an accomplice of the Thai military junta in suppressing dissents (...)


27 avril - UE : Refus du travaillisme - RTT 30H hebdo

UE : Refus du travaillisme - RTT 30H hebdo

1er avril - https://www.facebook.com/amitieentrelespeuples...

https://www.facebook.com/amitieentrelespeuples/?__tn__=kC-R&eid=ARAlE0j62Ov1p020U6t2MdIVfzLy (...)

9 novembre 2017 - Facebook - Amitié entre les peuples - site

Facebook - Amitié entre les peuples - site

8 janvier 2017 - Ni kippa, ni voile, ni autre signe religieux ostensible à l’Assemblée Nationale

Ni kippa, ni voile, ni autre signe religieux ostensible à l’Assemblée Nationale

30 août 2016 - Le sexo-séparatisme est une ségrégation sexuelle contraire à l’égalité entre hommes et femmes

Le sexo-séparatisme est une ségrégation sexuelle contraire à l’égalité entre hommes et femmes - (...)