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Alternatives International est un réseau d’organisations
établies au Niger, en Afrique du Sud, en Inde, au Brésil,
au Maroc, en Israël, en Palestine, en France et au Canada.
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samedi 19 mai 2018

  • Years of Civil Society Protest Bring Change to Iraq
    Forming a government, following the recent parliamentary elections in Iraq, will take time, but there is now hope for significant change and reform. The strong showing of the Saeroun Lil-Islah (“Marching for Reform”) alliance, which won 55 seats in the parliament, was a clear endorsement for (...)

vendredi 18 mai 2018

  • Obituary: Ashok Mitra (1928–2018)
    For me, the greatness of Ashok Mitra, who passed away recently, lies in the fact that his contributions to the understanding of centre–state relations in India were most illuminating. What distinguished Mitra was his attempt to develop a Marxist framework on centre–state relations. This area of (...)

lundi 30 avril 2018

  • Mosque as Public Space in City and Community
    In established scholarship Islam has long figured as, distinctively, an urban phenomenon.(1) In appreciation of this, and under the impress of important recent/contemporary developments such as the Iranian revolution or more generally the rise of political Islam, there is now a growing concern (...)

mercredi 4 avril 2018

  • Insidious Colonialism
    In memoriam: Marielle Franco The German word Zeitgeist has come to be used in different languages to designate the cultural, intellectual and moral climate of a given moment – literally, the spirit of the times, or the combination of beliefs and ideas that make up the specificity of a given (...)

lundi 2 avril 2018

  • Student Strikers Attacked; ‘Fascist' Dean Jailed
    Not an April Fool' joke. Here are the facts: Four days ago, (March 29) the ultra-conservative Dean of the Montpellier University Law School was summoned to police headquarters, interrogated, hauled into court, and held over in jail for arraignment by the Chief Prosecutor – all on the complaint (...)

jeudi 29 mars 2018

  • Rohingyas: Pawns in the Geopolitical Chessboard
    The protracted Rohingya refugee crisis and in particular the latest cycle of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya people fleeing the massive military crackdown on an un-armed minority community should not be viewed as an isolated event. It should be examined in the context of the rivalry between (...)

  • Anatomy of a Righteous Slap
    Fifty years ago, just months after Israel began its occupation of Ahed Tamimi's West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, Beate Klarsfeld walked up to the podium where German Chancellor Kurt Georg Kiesinger was going to speak and slapped him in the face. Klarsfeld, a German Lutheran whose father fought (...)

vendredi 23 mars 2018

  • The World Social Forum is dead! Long live the World Social Forum?
    This was my conclusion, but it did not last for long, just the first days of the Forum. Today, I am not that sure anymore. Maybe we are stuck with the old apolitical forum and with a powerless International Council. What does this mean for the future? Salvador de Bahia in Brazil is a wonderful (...)

jeudi 22 mars 2018

  • In Memory of Asma Jahangir
    Geneva, 16 March 2018: Asma Jahangir was known for speaking up when many others feared doing so. And I apologise in advance, as no speech can do justice to her profound investment to the cause. Asma Jahangir stood up to oppression and discrimination since her youngest age; and the woman once (...)


9 novembre 2017 - Facebook - Amitié entre les peuples - site

Facebook - Amitié entre les peuples - site

24 septembre 2017 - Commission démocratie d’ATTAC : contributions.

Commission démocratie d’ATTAC : contributions.
http://amitie-entre-les-peuples.« (...)

8 janvier 2017 - Ni kippa, ni voile, ni autre signe religieux ostensible à l’Assemblée Nationale

Ni kippa, ni voile, ni autre signe religieux ostensible à l’Assemblée Nationale

30 août 2016 - Le sexo-séparatisme est une ségrégation sexuelle contraire à l’égalité entre hommes et femmes

Le sexo-séparatisme est une ségrégation sexuelle contraire à l’égalité entre hommes et femmes - (...)