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Alternatives International est un réseau d’organisations
établies au Niger, en Afrique du Sud, en Inde, au Brésil,
au Maroc, en Israël, en Palestine, en France et au Canada.
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mercredi 11 décembre 2019

  • Debate: Fascism Is Not Simply Imposed From Above
    It is time to call this regime by its name. What we are seeing is not procedural or substantive fascism; this is fascism. We woke up today to professor Arjun Appadurai's insightful piece in The Wire, where he identified that the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill (CAB) is an ‘innovation' that marks a (...)

  • 35th Anniversary of Bhopal Disaster – Problem is Systemic
    “People are suffering. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money, and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you?” While those impassioned words from Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg (...)

lundi 9 décembre 2019

  • Why a 'Green New Deal' Must be Decolonial
    The Green New Deal will not work unless it dismantles neocolonial structures exploiting nature and people. Discussions of a Green New Deal (GND) have been all the rage these days, as hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets around the world to demand action on climate change. First (...)

lundi 2 décembre 2019

  • The Struggle Against Climate Change and the Need for Ecology
    The position paper by Donald Cuccioletta titled “The Capitalist Crisis and The Case for Eco Socialism” will consist of four articles, which will touch the different crises that are weakening and creating an opportunity for the radical left to advance a strategy that will promote class struggle, (...)

vendredi 29 novembre 2019

  • Origins of the Crisis: On the Coup in Bolivia
    Regarding recent events in Bolivia, some things are simple: Was it a coup? Yes. On Sunday, November 10, the commander-in-chief of Bolivia's armed forces, General Williams Kaliman, publicly told Evo Morales, a constitutionally elected president, that he ought to resign for the good of the (...)

mercredi 27 novembre 2019

  • The Neoliberal Miracle Under Fire
    Unexpected turmoil erupted in Chile on October 18th, when high school students mobilized against a subway fare increase. On October 25th, another two million Chileans joined them in opposition to the impacts of neoliberalism in every aspect of life. They are in revolt against political, social (...)

lundi 25 novembre 2019

  • Attacking Palestine's Future
    Traveling across Palestine, as I did to give lectures earlier this year, means following a perpetually fresh trail of repression. Omnipresent are the prison guard towers, the barbed wire, the Israeli soldiers with their massive guns and the separation wall. The day before an event at which I (...)

vendredi 22 novembre 2019

  • In Egypt, Nothing Has Changed — But Perhaps Everything Has
    Can we venture to declare that Egypt has arrived at a new and dangerous turning point? Yes and no. For although nothing significant has materialized recently, the specter of a major shift looms. While our capacity to act, to take initiative, or even to think has been completely crippled, (...)

samedi 16 novembre 2019

  • Voices of Non-Violence in a Wilderness of Violence
    Attempts are being made by well-meaning civil society activists to examine and explore potentialities of the tactics of non-violent protests against the current BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party) regime - on the lines of Mahatma Gandhi's `satyagraha' during our national movement. Recently, one such (...)

dimanche 3 novembre 2019

  • India's Moral Cancer- Delhi's November 1984 Sikh Genocide
    It is 35 years back that the massacre of Sikhs took place mostly in Delhi but also in many North Indian towns in the first week of November to ‘teach them a lesson' i.e. to beat them to submission before Hindu majoritarianism in India. The deep wounds inflicted by that genocidal murder spree (...)


27 avril - UE : Refus du travaillisme - RTT 30H hebdo

UE : Refus du travaillisme - RTT 30H hebdo

1er avril - https://www.facebook.com/amitieentrelespeuples...

https://www.facebook.com/amitieentrelespeuples/?__tn__=kC-R&eid=ARAlE0j62Ov1p020U6t2MdIVfzLy (...)

9 novembre 2017 - Facebook - Amitié entre les peuples - site

Facebook - Amitié entre les peuples - site

8 janvier 2017 - Ni kippa, ni voile, ni autre signe religieux ostensible à l’Assemblée Nationale

Ni kippa, ni voile, ni autre signe religieux ostensible à l’Assemblée Nationale

30 août 2016 - Le sexo-séparatisme est une ségrégation sexuelle contraire à l’égalité entre hommes et femmes

Le sexo-séparatisme est une ségrégation sexuelle contraire à l’égalité entre hommes et femmes - (...)