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Alternatives International est un réseau d’organisations
établies au Niger, en Afrique du Sud, en Inde, au Brésil,
au Maroc, en Israël, en Palestine, en France et au Canada.
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jeudi 20 septembre 2018

  • Working Together ? First Nations Movements Respond to Liberal Government
    Statement on Recognition and Implementation of the Inherent and Treaty Rights of Indigenous Peoples Framework Legislation Engagement Document This Fall, the Trudeau government is planning on unilaterally introducing into Parliament their “Federal Recognition and Implementation of the Inherent (...)

lundi 17 septembre 2018

  • Theatre of Absurd: Modi and the Dawoodi Bohra Pontiff
    The invite by the High priest of Dawoodi Bohras, a Shia Muslim sub-sect, to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address their religious congregation on 14th September 2018 on the occasion of Muharram, and that the PM should accept the invite can only be described as theatre of absurd. Prime (...)

jeudi 13 septembre 2018

  • Why Kanupriya's Election Win in Punjab University Is So Significant
    A woman student, Kanupriya, being elected to the top post in the student union elections at Panjab University (PU), Chandigarh, for the first time in the history of this university is significant in its own right as this university is one of the oldest in the Indian sub-continent. However, the (...)

lundi 10 septembre 2018

  • Rat Poison
    There is a nation-wide scare about a plot to kill our beloved prime minister Narendra Modi-ji by Maoists. Thanks to the ever alert police force of Maharashtra – and aided by our even more alert national investigative agencies – the conspirators have been apprehended before they could carry out (...)

mardi 4 septembre 2018

  • Arrest of Montreal Student in Tamil Nadu
    Montreal 3 September, 2018 We write with great concern at the arrest of Ms Lois Sofia, an MSc (graduate research) student in Mathematical Physics at the Université de Sherbrooke in Quebec, by the Indian police yesterday. Ms Lois was on a flight back to her hometown of Tuticorin in the south (...)

jeudi 30 août 2018

  • No Room To Say ‘No'
    The arrest of human rights activists is the arrest of democracy The coordinated action in many cities of India on August 28 to arrest rights activists marks a qualitative scaling up of attack on human rights and democracy. States all over the world dislike critics and dissidents because such (...)

dimanche 29 juillet 2018

  • Israel's New Law is a Form of Apartheid
    International support for racism in historical Palestine is only going to add fuel to the fire The Israeli nationality law is now a fact. Its full name is “Israel, the nation state of the Jewish people”. It states that Eretz Israel (historical Palestine) is the homeland of the Jewish people and (...)

samedi 28 juillet 2018

  • Pakistan's Most Rigged General Elections
    ON 26th July 2018, in his election victory speech, Imran Khan gave a sober talk contrary to his very violent language used throughout the election campaign. He has “won” 116 seat of the 342 seats National Assembly of which 278 seats are contested directly on First Past The Post (FPTP) system. He (...)

vendredi 27 juillet 2018

  • Welcome to “New” Pakistan!
    Before the elections, every political party (except PTI), every foreign newspaper and every independent journalist had concluded that The Aliens, Khalai Makhluk, Agriculture Department, Miltablishment, Whatever, had conclusively pre-rigged the elections in an unprecedented manner. A day after (...)

mercredi 25 juillet 2018

  • Will Modi Stop India's Cow Terrorists From Killing Muslims?
    There is a repugnant euphemism that has entered the lexicon of Indian prime-time television lately. “Cow vigilantes” has become contemporary shorthand for murderous right-wing mobs who kill Muslims simply for being Muslim. They shelter behind the misleading respectability of the euphemism. For (...)


9 novembre 2017 - Facebook - Amitié entre les peuples - site

Facebook - Amitié entre les peuples - site

24 septembre 2017 - Commission démocratie d’ATTAC : contributions.

Commission démocratie d’ATTAC : contributions.
http://amitie-entre-les-peuples.« (...)

8 janvier 2017 - Ni kippa, ni voile, ni autre signe religieux ostensible à l’Assemblée Nationale

Ni kippa, ni voile, ni autre signe religieux ostensible à l’Assemblée Nationale

30 août 2016 - Le sexo-séparatisme est une ségrégation sexuelle contraire à l’égalité entre hommes et femmes

Le sexo-séparatisme est une ségrégation sexuelle contraire à l’égalité entre hommes et femmes - (...)

16 juillet 2016 - Enjeux épistémologiques et géopolitiques d’une géographie de l’athéisme. Romain Delarue

Enjeux épistémologiques et géopolitiques d’une géographie de l’athéisme. Romain Delarue (...)